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M HEAVEN for Chicken lovers.. Drop in, tickle your taste buds, and fall in love with the amazing recipes, energetic music, and an aromatic atmosphere..You just don't wanna escape!!! Time2Eat-Mama Chicken is simply the place to be, may it be a quick-bite or a heavy meal !!

  • We serve the best food in town.
  • Always fresh chicken and franky.
  • Fast and nice service.
  • Satisfaction for money guaranteed.
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Our Speciality

Chicken Franky Roll

Our very own Chicken Franky Roll, Be it any kind of Roll (Chicken, Mutton , Egg or Veg) , you are going to cherish every bite of it.

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Tawa Chicken

Since we call our self a chicken paradise our specialty will be none other than the Chicken dishes we serve , Here is one of them

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